Monday, June 23, 2008


This is the 100th post since starting my blog A New Vision back in January, 2005. During this period, I’ve had more than 14,600 visitors from places all around the world. I’ve learned there is a growing interest out there in blogosphere about the importance and value of expanding and widening integrated employment opportunities in the lives of youth and adults with disabilities. And there is a growing hunger for sharing critical information in support of organizations dealing with leadership, policy and fiscal management, and service delivery change objectives.
I started A New Vision with a simple goal in mind. Three years later, this goal has not changed. In my judgment, we are living in a time of unprecedented opportunities for change if we have the courage to consider a new vision and act with purpose, clarity, and creativity in pursuing it. My intention is to to keep the national, State, and local dialogue alive, challenge conventional thinking about what is possible, and offer my encouragement to managers, employment consultants, and other practitioners of employment and disability services who are working hard to make integrated employment more than a distant dream for the individuals they support.
Yes, we still have a long road to tow but the fog is gradually lifting as more leaders from the public and private sectors join the cause of making integrated employment the first and preferred option.
I truly appreciate all of the honest feedback and kind comments I've received on this site as well as the many personal emails received over the last three years. Once again, thanks for your visits and patronage. And kudos for all you do to make this vision of integrated employment in the workforce at competitive wages and benefits a real expectation and outcome for youth and adults with significant disabilities in your own communities.
With warm regards,
Don Lavin


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