Sunday, January 09, 2005

Reach for the Stars!

Reach for the Stars was written to challenge direct service staff to become effective, skilled agents of change -- to become high-performing community rehabilitation professionals. This publication is the right book for direct service professionals who believe that being good just isn't good enough.
Reach for the Stars is a staff development and training resource for anyone who is employed as a professional serving adults with significant disabilities and other employment barriers in a community rehabilitation or supported employment agency. This publication identifies ten habits of higly effective practitioners and has been used effectively with both new and experienced staff alike.
The reading material is sufficiently broad to introduce new staff to the concepts of performance excellence and obtaining integrated employment outcomes for youth and adults with significant disabilities. However, the book is also designed to challenge experienced job coaches, employment specialists, job placement specialists, and other community rehabilitation personnel to raise their job performance to the highest levels possible.
For these reasons, Reach for the Stars is a valuable administrative tool for program managers who are responsible for hiring, training, and developing the skills of community rehabilitation professionals. Each chapter includes reading text, case examples, theory-to-practice illustrations, and customized learning exercises.
With more than 300 pages, the book is available at $29.95 per copy plus $6 postage and handling ($12 for foreign postage, including Canada). Special rates available for orders of 20 or more copies. To order, send full payment (make check out to Rise, Inc.) to Book Orders, Rise, Inc., 8406 Sunset Road N.E., Spring Lake Park, MN 55432. For more information, contact Beth DePoint at Rise, (763) 783-2822; e-mail at ; or fax at (763) 786-0008.


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