Monday, January 17, 2005

A New Vision: The Coffeetable Book

A New Vision
What If We Lived In A World Where Disabilities Become Possibilities?
By Don Lavin

Imagine a world without disability
Where human differences aren’t measured as flaws
And people are accepted for who they are
Just belonging can open closed doors.

Imagine a world without barriers
Where anyone can go anywhere.
Where freedom of movement is valued
Mobility is never blocked by a stair.

Imagine the right to make choices
About where you desire to live.
And relying on your own abilities
Not the services caretakers give.

Imagine that learning is easy
Educational possibilities abound.
Because schools offer customized teaching
Preferred learning styles of students are found.

Imagine having personal freedom
To become who you wanted to be
Moving forward to realize your potential
Self-determination? Definitely!

Imagine a global economy
Where everyone has meaningful roles
All job skills and talents are blended
No more poverty, no welfare doles.

Imagine if communities of people
Planned for the inclusion of all
Increased access to public transportation
To housing and shopping at the mall.

Imagine if we stopped "labeling" people?
So everyone is treated the same
No more "special" places to go to
No more shame, segregation, or blame.

Imagine if community-held values
Were to elevate, never negate
By removing all road blocks and obstacles
With actions to accommodate.

Imagine new paths to opportunity
Extending privilege to more than a few
Brand new policies, emerging technologies
Creative services and family supports, too.

Imagine if circles of people
Offered friendship and helpful support
To nurture and assist one another
A kind of caring that cannot be bought.

Imagine that it’s not about money
Since every dollar in this world cannot buy
Changed perceptions, increased expectations
Of a naysayer unwilling to try.

Imagine that No Becomes Maybe
And Maybe gives way to"Why Not?"
Add hope to fuel dreams, goals, and outcomes
Of a people that time once forgot.

Imagine a world without disability
Make the effort and doubtless you’ll find
Disability does NOT mean inability
Only a condition conditioned by mind.

A New Vision is a useful tool for public disability awareness training and introducing fundamental concepts of full participation and integration of people with significant disabilities within education, employment, recreation, and other community settings. This hardcover book sells for $10 each plus $4 for postage and handling in the U.S. Also, an animated version of A New Vision (a flashmedia presentation) is available in CD ROM for only $35 plus $4 postage and handling. Purchase the book and CD versions together for only $42 plus $6 postage and handling. (For orders outside the U.S., please email Beth DePoint at or call her at 763-783-2822 for specific information.)

To order your hard-cover copy(s) and/or CD ROM of A New Vision, send check payable to Rise, Inc. to Book Orders, Rise, Inc., 8406 Sunset Road NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432 or email Beth at


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